Wednesday, October 21, 2009

They Don’t Call it the Golden Hour for Nothing

Golden Hour 1 small

Light is a funny thing. Invisible, but coloring your world all the time. Delving into photography makes you ultra aware of the quality of the light you are working with at that instant. The color of it, texture of it, opacity of it, just the feel of it changes minute to minute.

Many of the differences have to do with the time of day. Photographers call the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset the “Golden Hour”. The light takes on a warm hue and softens and flatters everything and everyone. The shadows are soft and round. Nothing is harsh.

This is the vista that I wake up to every morning. This day a storm had passed in the night, leaving a few residual clouds lingering and the sun breaking through, highlighting the buttes.

Golden Hour 3 sm

The quality of the light in the desert is amazing, due in part to the near complete lack of humidity and the 2500 foot altitude. Some of the harshest light in the universe is found here at high noon on a July day, but some of the most beautiful light is found here every day.

Golden Hour 2 small

Am I lucky or what?

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