Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Aliens Have Landed (in Paris no less!)

The very cool and informative blog Decor8 has posted today about Elodie who lives in Paris in a 279 SQUARE FOOT apartment with 2 cats and a very accommodating boyfriend.

Yikes, I love small spaces and have lived in a 1100 square foot house with 3 cats and a husband for 15 years now, but 279 SQUARE FEET?? Total? I’m not thinking so.

Anyway, Elodie has done a remarkable job decorating and organizing her closet/home. The best feature, in my humble opinion, is the alien wall art decals waving from the corner. They add a touch of whimsy in a small portable way without dominating that portion of the room.

photo by Elodie of La Mechante


These little guys highlight the best features of vinyl wall art. Inexpensive, smile inducing, temporary, adaptable, highly individual, friendly,and just plain fun.

Check out Decor8 or la mechante for the full set of photos.

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