Monday, November 2, 2009

How Much Talent Can One Person Have?

If you want to make yourself insanely jealous, check out the work and home of Jenn Ski.  As a rabid Mid-Century Modern person, I am all over anything from that era.

She is not only a fantastic artist, she seems to be a wonderful interior decorator as well. Holly Becker over at Simply Stated posted a photo shoot of her home done by Bob O’Connor. Jenn sells her prints on Etsy as well as her website, so take a look.


Photo by Bob O’Connor

This photo illustrates another great way to use vinyl decals.  Check out the “PUSH” lettering on the door. Not only is it fun and funky but informative as well.

I  have lettering on the wall in my bathroom hidden behind a bath towel hanging on the towel rack. Says “Hang Up The Bathmat”. Worked like a charm. 

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